Miley's New Video Launch....

21- year-old pop star Miley Cyrus dance all Ronchi on Thursday launched a new video album . The video of the song lyrics : "Adore You" and the song of the album is Bangerz . In just a little over 30 million people watch these video highlights of the album . Miley Cyrus social Networking site Followers Twitters are just over 16 million .

Neither of these videos Wrecking Ball , or even a crane or a jerk or ignoring it still appeared to be Miley 's tongue . Miley in the video thumbs , palms , fingers , and lips are seen much movement .

Pop singer Britney Spears show in the casino

32- year-old Britney Spears performance will be in Las Vegas for two years . Pop singer Britney in 2014 and in 2015 more than 50 casinos in Las Vegas will show . He Hit Songs " Ops , I Did It Again ... Baby One More Time and Toxic ' Bikeregi your incinerate .

Grammy Award winner Friday of the contract work is started . Casino officials say they may be extended if the show is so successful . These show tickets range from $ 59 would be $ 179 .

Planet Hollywood Entertainment Corp. Kasars parent company . Kelly Frey said spokeswoman Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus at the opening of the program may include such luminaries

Britney Spears finally told the true about Real Life

32- year-old American megastar Britney Spears is surrounded by many concerns because of his shyness . The new E- documentary I Am Britney Jean and nervous during his shyness and anxiety is shared by the media  Event special two-hour movie with Britney - is In said . He says everything through music , which is like him . Britney in many aspects of his life have introduced specific manner .

Britney said that a kind of self-consciousness is always with him , because I 'm a little girl . The big gap between Stage and feels his real life . He felt himself cut off from society have an important role . The Britney broke her relationship with boyfriend Jason Trovik . He then has increased proximity with new boyfriend David Lukado . Britney says she is a simple man . She is funny and dear ones . Britney is going to show this week in Las Vegas .

 Girl Britney Spears finally told the true preference of Real Life

Kim Kardashian Controversy about the gift.......

Reality star , actor , actress , models are the only world where the very Controversial lives and may not have made ​​it . It is an American reality star Kim appears to be about nowadays is Kardashian .

Kim Kardashian Kenye Hbi the West has a bag which looks toward Controversial issue . This question is that this is the most prized art or a waste of money . , This bag costs $ 15,000 ( Rs 928 875 ) is . Created by artist George Condo is a painting on the bag , but it is causing quite Controversial . It obscenity in the name of art is termed enhancer .

American reality star / model / actress Kim Kardashian their boyfriends Kenye West as a Kisms gift bag has a Harmij Birking . Kim made ​​when he answered the question on whether it is a Christmas gift . It is her husband . However, irrespective of things , but this bag is definitely created sensation in the name of art